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03 March 2014


Mixed Media Michelle

Thanks for sharing! Strong words indeed!! And you are NOT alone (although I am VERY good at ignoring housework!)

"be true to me" - that's all anyone, or even yourself, can ask!

Joanne Thieme Huffman

Well said!

Kari McKnight Holbrook

OH.MY.GOODNESS! How on earth did you read my mind? Truer words have never been felt so deeply! I know to the depths of your core how you feel- even the housework! Thanks for making me feel normal- Love ya more than ever now! Just want you to know, you are perfect-just as you are-even if you are howling and snorting in laughter at 3 am....


Kristen, I can so relate to your words here. I can never slow down. Unfortunately my house misses my perfectionism streak - that is definitely the one place I am more relaxed. What a beautiful post - comforting to know I am not alone. :-)

Nelda Johnson

Thank you for putting this into words! I'm going to read this every day until it really sinks in and I start to change my ways.

Jane LaFazio

Be Brave
Be Kind
Be True
Be You.

I got a greeting card with this on the front and I think it says it all.
Be You! xoxoox


Those of us who have danced the perfection dance know and understand completely every word you write -- and appreciate your courage and honesty in putting them out there. The first step to change is recognition. The second step is courage. You, my friend, are well on your way.

Geri Lynn Jones

God Bless you for the strength it took to open yourself up to others with this.....it had to be hard, and thank you for trusting us with your feelings. Having met you, I firmly believe you are a wonderful person and have the power within yourself and the courage to go forward. I wish you "wind beneath your wings" in your commitment to be "true to yourself". I will follow your journey and you have inspired me to start my own journey. Hugs, Geri Lynn

Gypsy Threads

You are a person who lives a life driven by passion and love. Not many can make that claim. You are perfect just the way you are. When you take stock of your journey you will see you did the best you knew how. It will all be okay.


I totally understand. I remember those times in my life. Sometimes health forces you to abandon the "never good enough, but will never stop pushing myself until I succeed, excel & exceed" syndrome. Sometimes it's wisdom, sometimes it is hard knocks, and sometimes it's just realizing you're human. Good for you! (Once in awhile I feel it -trying- to creep up again, but only a minute & it happens less & less, & one day you wake up & realize you're cured from the torture of trying to be perfect). Sweet relief! You're right on track!

Many Blessings,
Sheila in Oregon

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