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26 August 2012


Patty Radish

What a great approach for success. Looking at it like that makes all the hard work seem worth it!

Michelle Buettner

Beautifully said!! And such a nice reminder to share and be generous!


Very beautifully said. I just adore you Kristen. I definitely see you living out this statement. You are a true example of love, humility, and kindness. Love you!

Kelly Moore (lovely day vintage)

Kristen R

Kelly you are so incredibly sweet thank you for your lovely comment it truly touches me!

Wishing you a lovely and delightful week.


Anita Houston

About to email you, and then I saw this entry! Tears...ugh! Beautiful words and I so whole heartedly agree! You were an absolute joy to meet! I love your project and you are so inspiring to say the least! I hope we meet many more times on this creative journey of ours!!!!

Kristen R

Oh Anita thank you so very very much! I truly cannot tell you how thrilled I was to teach at IU it was truly amazing and what a blessing! Thank you for sharing your time and journey with me! I too hope we meet again very very soon!

My Best-

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