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22 March 2012



Happy C-F Birthday to your Mom! That is wonderful and it sure does make you appreciate each and every day. What a beautiful photo of both of you ~ enjoy the day! :)


So glad to hear it, Kristen! Hugs to Mom.


so very very happy for your Mom and all of you who shared the journey with her. God Bless...

Tami Bayer

Big hugs to you both and wishes for many peaceful cancer free days ahead.

Judy Wynn

So happy for you and your family. My mother and I walked a similar journey 5 years ago and it changed the way we see everything. By the way...wonderful photo! Did time stand still? Neither one of you looks any older than the first time we met!


Congratulations to your Mom and the family! That is so awesome she is Cancer FREE! Grace xoox

Lynne Moncrieff

I remember vividly reading the news of your Mother, is that one year ago, hard to believe.
Congratulations, certainly a time of celebration but as you say, those awful memories will never leave you.
A beautiful photograph and I can tell that you are precious to each other.

Maria Getz

Congratulations to your mom, and many, many more cancer free birthdays! I will be celebrating my 7th CF birthday this June.


Big hugs to your Mom... she is one of the sweetest ones I have met!


Beautiful post! Congrats to you Mom, you and your family for honoring this special Mom~
I love the photo, you two looks so warm and happy :D

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