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23 October 2011


francine vorbeck

Kristen, he is so precious!


You will be so glad you did!~ What a sweet face! Jackson will bring a lot of JOY~

cat kerr

Jackson is too sweet!! Your Year of Change is more and more inspiring!! Congrats to you!!Hugs,Cat

Tami Roth

What a precious baby he is!!! Enjoy :)


Instant love, you wait and see. He is just soooooooo darn cute.

Susan Tidwell

How darling! I was like you - no former pets and didn't want one - until we got our black lab. Now the kids think I love him more than them!


How cute is he! I LOVE dogs so much that I try and do one posting a month called Moments with Molly (our little maltese/shi-tzu). Little puppies grow so fast, so take plenty of photos along the journey with him. Enjoy him.

Jen Cushman

Squeeeee! Sooo cute. How could anyone NOT love that beautiful little face. Yay. Congrats Little Man. Enjoy your new friend.


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