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11 October 2011


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Barbe Saint John

It looks like a beautiful magazine!!!


I love all of Stampington's magazines! I have been a reader fr a looong time! I am sure this one will be an inspiring companion for our creative journey too!

francine vorbeck

It looks like another awesome magazine by Stampington & Co.!


Don't "pick me, pick me!" LOL

I LOVE this magazine!!! Just a reminder to share ALL the great moments in life..whether it's a BIG one or just an intimate gathering with girlfriends!!! Yay for Mingling.... :-)

cat kerr

My favorite way to Mingle..Has to be in my kitchen with family and friends....sipping some wine,picking at some cheese...and wonderful coversation..Perfect.

Rebecca Woodward

Yipee! They did it again! Stampington&Co publishes another winner and must-have. I love this concept.


Oh goodness. Another great magazine ... I would love to be the proud winner of this one, for sure. My favorite way to mingle is on spur-of-the-moment get togethers. The more the merrier. No fuss, no muss - just good folks mingling.

Mary Ellen Biamonte

How nice that there is yet another magazine to look for...sure looks like a great one. Can't wait. I seem to mingle every week with friends, family, neighbors, co workers...just getting together to vist, chat, eat, drink and laugh. No formal settings or plans necessary...
G..Good times


Mingle, it looks great and I will be watching for it. Love to mingle with family & friends....one of our favorite ways is our family "cookoffs" iron chef style. We have such fun sharing and our time is filled with laughter while cooking and enjoying all the yummy creations.


I've been enjoying mingling with the falling leaves, the birds who come to visit my feeder, and my two pups who love the crisp, cool weather fall brings. As usual, this looks like a scrumptious publication. How nice Stampington is letting you have one to gift!

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