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23 May 2011


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Susan Burgess

Redraw redraw! I'm a queen! I'm always telling my three male children ad husband that. I am the queen of my house and them!!! They get so mad and say I am not the queen but I am. Well my seven year older says I am too! Queen mama!!!! LOL! Those 2 queens sure are lucky! Sanna

Sue Smith

Congratulations to the winners... I'm sure they're thrilled to win!!! And thank you Kristen for sharing the joy/love with gorgeous give aways :)

Marcy Antle

Kristen, I have not received my winning yet? I hate to even ask, but I am so excited to get it. I think I sent my address, didn't I???

Kristen R

Hmmm that is odd as I mailed it 3 weeks ago. Let me know if you do not receive it by tomorrow and Ill send a second copy to you. Im so sorry you have not seen this yet please keep me posted.
My Best-

www. KristenRobinson.typepad.com

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