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15 April 2011


beth nadler

hi kristen.
i love the look of your blog and your work is wonderful!
i'm looking forward to sharing creative thoughts with you.
happy weekend.


Hi Kristen, I love all of your works in the Stampington publications!

I suffer from the winter blues, so for me spring is a time of renewal and reigniting my creativing spirit. As soon as mother nature begins creating her canvas of beautiful budding trees and plants I am instantly inspired to get back in my studio!

Thanks so much for the chance,


Cindy Swan-Eagan

Love the work, favorite thing about spring is the smell of violets comes back!

Maija lepore

Green grass and flowers beginning to bloom- opening the windows....prelude to sunny spring days!!!


The flowers blooming. . .AND finally being able to get in the water at the beach!

Sue Smith

Spring - when we're surrounded by the promises of 'new life' being fulfilled :)

Penny Stuart

Spring....seeing black, wet snow and brown, dead grass! I love it...heck, it's Spring! Spring in Alaska is always the best!

Susan Tidwell

Spring to me is the sight of the first crocuses peeking through the ground. Lovely necklace!

Cathy Wegner

The flowers and seeing leaves on the trees again! I love your work!

Lynn Stevens

Our spring a bit late this year, but seeing Robins fluttering about the yard and cherry trees beginning to bloom shows promise of warmer weather.

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