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20 April 2011


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laurie engstrom

Great seed pod!!! I always look for heart shaped rocks where ever I go!! Gods beauty is all around us

Lynne Moncrieff

Oh such a beautiful wee find - perfection.
Today I found myself walking underneath trees abundant with blossom. It was so beautiful that I just stood there for some moments and then kicked myself that I didn't have my camera with me. Oh well, that will teach me a lesson!!!


I love signs like this from nature! They nurture our spirits! Nature teaches much if we are open to it~ Lovely sentiment; Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Smyth

Nature makes her own way in showing up the beauty we need to see!


Beautiful! What a treat to come across this little treasure! Once while on a walk,a and just after a rain, I came across a puddle shaped like a heart. It was amazing, and I felt it was put there just for me!


Happy Easter to you n' yours~


Looking forward to reading your book this summer.
Happy Easter (a good day to seek beauty within and with-out.

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