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17 April 2011



I just saw this article at Ginger's house last night! Very nicely presented.

If this is the box I'm thinking of, some of those recipes will be fun to try, others...will be, well, interesting... :-)


It is a lovely article and I love hearing the backstory! Cynthia's writing wove the essence of being authentic. I am so glad the cards found their way to you. My family recipes are my heirloom treasures. The gift of connecting to others, sharing techniques, the love of giving and creating all within our hands n' hearts. Food nourishes our soul; cooking allows our senses to indulge and share our joy with others~

Thanks for sharing!

Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink

i loved the whole article. so beautiful to cherish something from the past. what stories those cards could tell...

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