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10 January 2011



How fun! I just bought that issue today - can't wait to read it!! (after I make some headpins and jumprings)!

Kristen R

Have fun my friend! Again I am so sorry about the cuff I did learn that they are created with kitchen grade therefore it is not compatible with the mordant. Let me know if I can be of any help at all!



sherry french

Congrats...that is how I found your blog...by reading your article last night at Borders...I love your blog and your write up..



Susan Tidwell

Congrats on the article - I just got my copy recently and loved your piece. So glad to see it will be an online class.


No worries at all about the cuff!! So glad you'll have another online class after this one - and it looks like it will be beautiful too!!


Hi Kristen,
I look forward to seeing this issue~ It is in the details we find and stitch, the fabric of our lives~


hi and happy new year!
sending congrats on your cover :)
~connie stuart


Congratulations Kristen. I have the issue and the article. Fantastic!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Dear Kristen, I bought this issue because of your project! I just love it and am looking forward to trying it (when I have time :).


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