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28 August 2007


deb trotter

WHEEEEEEEE! Put on your bikini & your sun hat & ride that wave as far as you can go! Yes, it's sometimes frightening, but wonderful, too. And whatever you do, hold his hand for as long as you can. One day he will want to let go.
Hugs, my friend.



Enjoy the ride!

Deb L

Wonderful things await you around the next corner... the anticipation half the fun! xox Deb


The tide comes in, and the tide goes out, but the end result is that it repeats itself each day. Life is a circle, and although you may not be the navigator, everything that you instilled in your children will be repeated as they take the helm. The ship will keep sailing. Relax and enjoy it!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, my... Touching. xxo

Susan Tuttle

So beautifully stated...being in the moment...that is one of the most important things I think.

Congratulations on your banner in Somerset Holidays and Celebrations!!!! It is so festive!!!...we are right next to each other...your banner segways into my placeholders..cool!


Paris Parfait

The photograph is lovely. And yes, it seems like a new - and positive course, with lots of wonderful adventures ahead. xoxox


May you stand firm on your board and take the waves with a smile on your face and brightly colored maracas in your hands!

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